SuperShuttle Closes Operations at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport

PHOENIX (February 20, 2017) — SuperShuttle, the nation’s largest airport shared ride service, announced today it will end operations at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport as of February 28, 2017.

“The landscape for airport transportation is changing rapidly and those changes have made the airport contract in Atlanta undesirable for our company,” said David Bird, president of SuperShuttle International.  . “A lack of exclusivity coupled with a tightly restricted service area and onerous fees made it impossible to do business and still provide high quality customer service.    Although the airport discussed possible changes to our contract, the extent of the changes were not going to make a substantial difference.”  We are looking forward to continuing SuperShuttle service in more than 38 airports across the country and internationally that have adapted to the changing landscape.

ExecuCar, the black car service, a sister company of SuperShuttle will continue operations as normal in the Atlanta area.


SuperShuttle International, based in Phoenix, Ariz., is a division of Transdev On Demand, Inc. SuperShuttle serves over 40 airports, carrying more than nine million passengers a year. SuperShuttle also provides ExecuCar sedan service at all airports served by SuperShuttle, including some of the largest in the country: Los Angeles, New York, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. SuperShuttle is also available in Paris, France, Cancun and Los Cabos, Mexico, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. ExecuCar is available in over 80 airports.

Transdev On Demand, Inc. a division of Transdev based in Phoenix, includes SuperShuttle International, ExecuCar and zTrip nationwide. Transdev On Demand, Inc. serves over 80 airports with its multiple service offerings in the on demand service space. It boasts some of the most fuel-efficient fleets utilizing propane and compressed natural gas, as well as partnerships with many leading airlines and travel wholesalers.